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Hermann in New York back to postcartes

Hermann in New York

I try to organize an exchange project. I will transfer the Hermannsdenkmal from Detmold/Germany to New York and instead of the Hermann I would invite Miss Liberty to Detmold. In the Teutoburger Forest the air is very fresh and I´m sure, she will love the atmosphere in Lippe (Germany).
Maybe New York can need the help of well armed Statue of Hermann - the old fighter against the romans.

The old Hermann will have birthday (130 years old sculpture) and he hasn´t been in New York until today. What do you think about the facts?

You can support my temporary transfer project. Please send me two Dollar and I will send to you an original Hermann in New York postcarte.

Thanks for your interest.

Ruppe Koselleck
Schulstrasse 22
D-48149 Münster
Germany - European Union