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1 > 2 > 3 Artist plans takeover of BP Group.

shares in my property: 005.021 BP PLC
from 18.739.810.358

No. 850 517

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It is possible to acquire pieces of this tar, now a work of art, from me. The art object is known as a Tararium and comprises samples of said lumps of tar, a plastic display housing which can be hung on the wall, and a certificate, which serves to confirm the authenticity of the art object. The current purchase price of a tararium is that of two BP shares (for current price see listings in your daily newspaper; about 13 Euro). From the sum invested by you, I undertake to purchase one BP share(about 6,50 Euro). The remaining money shall be used to support the artist's living, and that of his family.

For reasons of simplicity I have of necessity sought a durable enemy in war. BP seemed to me to be at least partially responsible for the existence of lumps of tar on the beach ( > North sea oil).

My virtually hopeless endeavour to take over the company should be
viewed in the light of the joy to be experienced by all sandcastle builders
all over the world as a result of the tar being collected up from all the beaches
( > Globalisation).

The artist has based his assumption that 13 g of North Sea tar or the gram debt in accordance with the principle of causalisation has the value of one share in British Petroleum on a combination of generous estimation and a certain form of uncertain cabalistic speculation.

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Inside of this plastic-box
you will find 13 g of tar.



Ruppe Koselleck
+49 - 173.8360238