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1 > 2 > 3 Artist plans takeover of BP Group.

shares in my property: 005.021 BP PLC
from 18.739.810.358

No. 850 517

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A further reason for working towards a takeover of BP can be found among the current art trend, categorised in the press recently as the Young British Artists. BP will first of all be renamed Young British Petroleum.
( > allusion) The long term plan is to name the company RP, i.e. Ruppe's Petroleum.

The main aim of my financial endeavours is to exercise ecological influence on the petrochemical industry
( > separation of crude oil and the car manufacturers, 3 litre cars and bathing enjoyment in the absence of all tar forms in Thorsminde, Denmark and Julianadoorp, The Netherlands).

You can also support my efforts by purchasing your own personal Tararium for the current price of two BP shares.

I undertake to buy one BP from the revenue for each purchase.

A signed information sheet is a valid sales contract.
The amount of the Value Added Tax is not stated herein.
Upon request, the tax authorities can be furnished with appropriate information.

With great confidence I remain

Ruppe Koselleck

CEO/ BP in spe


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